Friday, January 22, 2010

Project Runway 7, Episode 2: A Tale of Two Asses

The Challenge
Already this season is exemplifying all the things that were wrong with last season. Newsprint and burlap aren’t all that different as far as non-traditional-materials go, but burlap had the old adage “she’s so pretty she’d look good in a potato sack” to hook the challenge into the world of fashion. Newsprint smacked of product placement for both the LA Times and the City of Los Angeles itself (“Look! We’re not in New York this season.”) and otherwise had nothing to do with anything.

Turning the tables and having the models choose the designers felt head-smackingly why-haven’t-they-done-this-before brilliant, but oh boy, Mila’s ego could not get over her model ditching her for Anthony. She’s definitely got some issues.

The Pants
Jesse made pants! Nobody makes pants. You could probably count the number of pants made on Project Runway on a pair of pinking shears. Yet he apparently made them just well enough and without enough drama that he didn’t figure into the story-arc of the episode at all. But he made pants!

The Ping
I like Ping. I really do. Everyone else seems to too. Her model certainly did. The judges, even the producers must really like her to have kept her on the show after sending this down the runway. It’s tempting to say “any other season she would have been out on her ass (for showing model ass)”, but I don’t think that’s true. If she had been any other designer in the history of the show, she would have been aufed, but I don’t think any contestant has been as instantly lovable as she is.

The Loser
Pamela lost because in the world of woman’s fashion, a bare ass is more forgivable than a huge one. That was one of the least flattering dresses I’ve ever seen on the show. Yes, she managed to make burlap look like denim but then turned it into a bad 80’s denim dress that looked like something out of a Duran Duran video.

The Commentary on Society
I’m not sure what this says exactly about our society’s social morays, but I found it interesting that Ping was harshly criticized for showing glimpses of her model’s ass on the runway and yet they could show it on TV without any blurring or pixilating. While Mila was praised for showing glimpses of her model’s nipple on the runway but they had to blur and pixilate that out. So, it’s not ok to show ass in public, but it is ok to show ass on TV. Whereas, it is ok to show nipple in public but not on TV.

The Winner
Jay turned burlap into a sexy, feathery, black dress that I think even for just a moment made Michael Kors sexually attracted to a woman. To bad Jay’s fated not to win the show because Project Runway already had a winner named Jay.

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  1. This is what I think saved Ping's ass: She has an interesting POV. Pamela doesn't. I mean, maybe she does, who knows, but she sure as heck hadn't shown it in the first 2 challenges. I think the question- who do you want to see more from? REALLY hit the mark for me. I am intrigued by her ideas, and I want to see if her tech skills will improve over time.



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