Friday, January 29, 2010

Project Runway 7, Episode 3: Ping Ponged

Ah… This season has been like slipping into a nice warm bath.

The Challenge
Wasting no time, they jumped right into the partner challenge and sent the models to Mood for the first time this season. Of course they were going to have to make two looks. Have these people ever watched the show? I liked the twist of having to base their second look on another team’s design. Good challenge twists so far this year.

Ping Ponged
Oh, Ping. You lost the moment you picked Jessie The Dick Faced Boy as your partner. I still like you. Tim obviously likes you too based on his reaction to you getting aufed. I think everyone liked you. Although, as Diana pointed out to me several times over the last few weeks, working with you would probably be highly annoying. Obviously Jessie felt that way. True, he did get the “dick edit”, but you can’t get the dick edit if the material isn’t there to work with.

Had you picked a more selfless partner Ping, who would have supported you and nurtured you and helped you realize your vision, you might have survived. Instead you picked…

The Dread Pirate Whiner
Jessie had made up his mind before Ping even picked him that working with her would be disaster. Then he proceeded to make sure it was a disaster by fighting her the whole time. This man has clearly never taken an improv class. If he had, he would have known to “Yes And” Ping instead attacking her every step of the way. Obviously working at Disney suited him because he has the maturity of your average 8 year old. Grow a pair, suck it up, and make lemons into lemonade asshole.

The Loser
The aforementioned Ping was sent home, I think largely because of her second look. The first one, I actually liked. Her style is strange drapey shit, Michael. Of course her model had to carry the dress. That was the point (smacks head in disbelief). But the second look was a POS and the admission that she didn’t even look at the model in it nailed the coffin down. Of course it was the Dread Pirate Whiner wielding the hammer. Did he not look at the model in it either? Did he make no attempt to tailor it?

The Class Act
I may have underestimated Seth Aaron. He took his share of responsibility for everything he and Anthony send down the runway (look 1, look 2) when he easily could have turned traitor. It’s refreshing to see someone accept responsibility for their actions and take the high road, especially in reality TV programming.

The Winner
While it’s nice to have Michael and Nina back, they must be bat-shit crazy to make that bat-coat-penguin suit thing Mila made the winner. That thing was hideous. I couldn’t believe they had the model turn around to fawn over the back. That was the nastiest part. Bleh, blech. I need to bleach my eyes.

Next Week
Breast cancer survivors. Diana called it then questioned it with the “bosoms” line, which I pointed out, made it even more apt. I mean, perhaps we’re wrong, but what else could it be?


  1. agree (on the warm bath), agree (dick edit has to come from something) and big agree (on Seth Aaron and accepting responsibility)!!!!! I didn't mind the penquin jacket too much but the "track suit" pants to go with it? ugh

  2. I hated Mila's outfit. Hated it. I also agree Jessie was an ass but we all knew Ping was in over her head.

    I thought Seth Aaron and Anthony worked really well together. It's just too bad the finished product was such a train wreck. I loved it when Anthony told SA not to act up in front of company. And I was amazed that SA didn't try to throw Anthony under the bus. Good for him.


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