Monday, January 25, 2010


If they made these to fit all laptops instead of just MacBooks, I'd already own one:


Was Shakespeare a woman?

Um... No. William Shakespeare was definitely a man. If one questions that he wrote the plays credited to him, one could argue the true author may have been a woman.


Someone posted the Shakespeare link above on Facebook and it prompted quite the debate in the comments. One person pointed out that the plays were almost certainly a collaborative effort and another said this:

Main reason I think Shakespeare was Shakespeare: The play was written with a profound understanding of what actors need that, in my experience, only comes from being an actor. The various other posthumous claimants haven't the stage experience Will has. I don't see any of them understanding subtext and the sheer practical understanding of stagecraft that Shakespeare would have had from performing and producing.

Very eloquent. No wonder. Looking a little closer, I own two playwrighting textbooks written by the guy who left that comment.


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