Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Slow Down You

Ah, New Year’s! A time to reassess one’s life and make resolutions on ways to make changes. While I’m not necessarily one to make resolutions, I’m not above taking the opportunity to refocus my energies, especially after a nice break from my routine.

I hope to put a little more time into the play I’m writing and submit some of my short stories for publication in some literary magazines. I’ll of course let you know how all that goes, but the short side is that I will likely ease back a bit on my posting. “Ease back,” you say? “You haven’t exactly been posting daily as it is.” Yes, that’s true, but that was the holiday craziness getting in the way. By “easing back” I mean, it’s unlikely I will post daily, or at least I won’t put any pressure on myself to post daily.

Have no fear, once Project Runway is up and running, I will of course post about every episode. (Although you’ll probably have to wait a few days for my recap of the first episode as it airs the first night of Un-Scripted’s annual retreat.)

I do intend to continue my weekly posts on Bamboo Nation, assuming I remember to write them and Prince doesn’t fire me for missing last weekend.

In the meantime, enjoy this picture I took from the tarmac at AZO last week as I was about to board my plane to Detroit.


  1. If you're feeling punchy and like hanging out on the internet with relative strangers, I run a betting pool for PR. It's only a handful of folks, but there are worse ways to spend five dollars.

  2. Oh, you're still around. I thought I had fired you, but forgot about it. I'm glad I didn't!

  3. what? but I check your blog multiple times a day...I'll have to start rationing


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