Monday, January 11, 2010

Strange Bedfellows

I'll take a brief foray into politics here for a moment...

I find it very interesting that Republicans are calling for Harry Reid's resignation for making racially insensitive remarks about Obama two years ago.

(Let that sink in for a few moments.)

Especially since they're using Trent Lott as an example of a double standard held by Democrats. Remember Trent Lott? He had to resign after making racially insensitive remarks in 2002... at an event where he was celebrating the life of centenarian and then still Senator Strom Thrumond.

Republicans calling for Reid's resignation for racial reasons. The world's come a long way.

Republicans who backed Strom Thurmond as a Senator for 39 years from when he switched parties in 1964 to when he retired in 2003.

Strom Thurmond who once filibustered, on his own, against the Civil Rights act of 1957 for a record 24 hours and 18 minutes. (Of course, he was a Democrat at the time.)

I just find it interesting.

Strom Thurmond won 4 states and 39 electoral votes in the 1948 Presidential Election running as a Dixiecrat on a segregationist platform.


  1. I agree them using the Trent Lott gaffe (and I wish there was a stronger word for it, oh, there is...mouth garbage) is a huge stretch. But you have to admit...if it was Trent Lott that said what Reid said, the Democrats would smell blood in the water. If you say something racist, it's racist.

  2. If I wanted to play devil's advocate, I could make a case that depending on context his statement could have been more a comment on racism in the electorate than an expression of his own racism.

    Still, you're right. I just find it all so deliciously ironic. Like William Daley accusing Republicans of voter fraud in Florida in 2000.


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