Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tournament Concerns

Even though I am clearly a proponent of a College Football Tournament, I still have my questions as to how it would change the sport. If you did have a 16-team tournament featuring every FBS Division conference winner, would you see a mass exodus of mid-range teams from major conferences to weaker ones?

Missouri is openly flirting with leaving the Big-12 for the Big Ten. Sure it makes sense given the natural geographic rivalries, but Missouri also has a much better shot at winning a new Big Ten East conference against Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Northwestern, and Illinois then it does in the Big-12 North against Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, and Iowa State. And they wouldn’t have to play Texas anymore.

Why not bolt a conference where you have little chance at winning, when you could join the MAC or Conference USA or even the Big East and know you can dominate and make the tournament every year?

Would you also see a dispersal of talent? As a good player, why should I go get mired in the middle of the pack in the SEC or Big-12 when I could play for a dominant team in a lesser conference and know I’ll get a lot of national TV exposure come tournament time?

Maybe these aren’t legitimate concerns, but they’re things I wonder.

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