Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Glad I'm Not Watching

"NBC isn't the network that brings us the Olympics. It's the network that prevents us from watching the Olympics. And we hate NBC for that."

NBC's Infuriating Olympics Tape Delays Have Sports Fans From Coast To Coast Rooting For Its Quick Demise

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Memo to NBC: Show the Games live, already!

How To Watch The Olympics Online

I'm sure NBC will use strong ratings, especially on the West Coast, to justify their idiotic tape-delayed coverage, but they should realize they're getting those ratings in spite of themselves, not because of anything they're doing right, but because the Olympics themselves have that big of a draw. People are still willing to put up with NBC to watch a little of them. NBC's short-sighted and ignoring the millions of viewers who would also be watching live. (Here's a tip: show the events live and then still show your tape-delayed "highlight" show. Millions of people watch SportsCenter every night after they just watched the game live.)

It's not like CBS is claiming they're the reason the Super Bowl was the most watched TV program of all time. Yet NBC seems to think it's their brilliant programing decisions that are boosting their Olympic ratings.


It's like feeding a hungry person nothing but bread and water and then claiming the fact that they're still alive as your success.

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