Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pac-10 / Pac-12

I've been saying for years the best way to temper USC's dominance of the Pac-10 would be for them to expand to 12 teams. Now that's apparently being openly discussed. SF columnist Ray Ratto seems to think that Utah and BYU would be the obvious choices. I would respectively disagree.

Very quickly Diana and I analyzed the situation and determined the best candidates are Boise and Idaho. They have their own natural geographic rivalry. Sure Idaho isn't quite as high profile as BYU, but Boise's too plum a prospect to pass up in my opinion. They're the big time, and I'd take a lesser Idaho to get them. Besides, Idaho is a growing program, and they're nickname is the Vandals. That's hard to beat.

Plus, the University of Idaho is just 7.5 miles from Washington State. You'd immediately create another natural geographic rivalry. Obviously the other Pac-10 teams are accustomed to going to the the Pullman, WA/Moscow, ID area every other year for games, so it wouldn't be adding any undo travel expense. And you can get to Boise non-stop from just about any Pac-10 city.

And Idaho is further west than Utah anyway.

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