Monday, February 22, 2010

Project Runway 7, Episode 6: Kid n Play

So far this season, I really like how designers are moving around from top to bottom a lot. Anthony went from repeat finishes in the bottom three to winning. Mila went from top to bottom. Seth Aaron's gone top to bottom to top. They also don't seem to have fallen into the trap of leaving designers around a week longer than they should. In short, the judges don't seem to have clear favorites and the designers are taking big risks that either pay off huge or crash & burn.

The Confusion
I was so confused when they came back from the first commercial break and suddenly it was the morning of the runway show. Tim hadn't come by to talk with any of them. We hadn't had the requisite shot of the clock on the wall the night before as they left the work room. I seriously thought I'd missed something. Then Tim came in and gave them their second challenge and it all made sense.

The Observation
Sure, of course, right after I point out my "observation" they break from the formula. Probably because they didn't have time with the 2 challenges to visit 6 designers. Then they ended up being the bottom three and one of the top three, which made it very obvious who was going to win the challenge.

The Loser
I didn't know right away. I suspected. I presumed. But as soon as Janeane made the dreaded "phone call home", I knew her doom was fated. Sudden backstory revelations and character development are not your friend. And it was clearly her time to go. She's been a deer in headlights for weeks, barely scraping by. Her kid's dress really did look cheap.

The Head Scratcher
I really loved Amy's two designs. As soon as they turned down the runway, I thought There's your winner. I thought the colors looked beautiful together. I loved the petal design of the pants. I didn't think the girl's outfit looked mismatched at all. I was shocked at the comments she got. Shocked. Clearly I know nothing about fashion or color matching.

The Whiner
It was strange to see Dread Pirate Whiner in the top 3. I thought for sure he was going to tank and blame it all on the kid. His crooked kid's dress looked like it just didn't fit right and his adult dress had a tower from the Golden Gate Bridge up the center of it.

The Winner
I was hoping Jay would win. Not only am I pulling for him a bit since I saw him at the food court, but I really liked his designs. Still, I knew it had to be Seth Aaron. His designs were fine and all. I quite liked the adult outfit, but the kid's looked cliched to me. I just can't get excited about his steampunk vintage aesthetic. I've known too many people who dress like that.

- So many people making pants this year! Wow. Lovin' it.
- The bet on how long Anthony could go without talking was hysterical.

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  1. Amy: Orange and blue are complementary colors... I wonder if it was the *shades* she chose that the judges disliked? And I totally enjoyed the scale effect, but I thought that as pants, it was too much. If she'd self-edited and made a skirt instead, she might not have been on the bottom 2.

    And I think Seth Aaron won for that jacket, which was just GORGEOUS.


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