Monday, February 15, 2010


One of my favorite songs is R.E.M.'s version of Superman. I did not realize until years after I became a fan of the song that it's a cover. It was originally recorded in 1969 by the band The Clique and was written by Mitchell Bottler and Gary Zekley. Then today, I discovered, according to wikipedia, that Mike Mills actually does the lead vocals on the R.E.M. version (his debut as such) because Michael Stipe wasn't as into covering it as the rest of the band was.

Here's Gary Zekley joining R.E.M. onstage to sing the song at a concert in DeKalb, IL October 21, 1986.

I had never heard the original until just now:

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  1. You can find a full list of all Mills's lead vocals on my Mike Mills Tribute website here: Cheers!


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