Thursday, March 18, 2010

File Under: I can't believe they make this

Mrs. Freshley's Red Velvet Creme Cakes

I don't know why I find this concept so revolting...


  1. How did they taste?

  2. Oh, I didn't eat them. That picture isn't of me. I just found the photo by searching "Red Velvet Twinkies". I'm not even sure you can buy them in California.

  3. Holy crap, I must have one! For serious!

  4. Revolting? REVOLTING?! Alan Goy, you find some and you bring them home!

  5. I honestly can't decide if I'm disgusted or need to get one RIGHT NOW. It depends on the filling. Is it just "cream filling" or is it "cream cheese flavored" filling?

    Sorry, erm... creme filling.


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