Friday, March 26, 2010

Project Runway 7, Episode 10: Texting

I don’t know why I’ve never read Tim Gunn’s Project Runway blog before today, but I just did and I love it. I want him to come to my wedding.

Make Your Own Textiles
A good challenge in concept, and some fancy technology to show off, but the final fabric itself looked really cheap.

The Disagreement
I often disagree with the judges, but it seems this season I’ve been particularly appalled by their sense of taste (Nina saying “I rather like this look” about Emilio’s washer bikini for instance). I’ll admit I didn’t find the silhouette of the dress to be anything special, but I loved Jonathan's print. It was beautiful! Subtle, but with a touch of whimsy and pop. I was so mad at Michael for hating it so and felt so vindicated to read that Tim liked it as much or more than I did. Go Jonathan for sticking up for yourself on the runway. As Diana said to me “that was a very respectful ‘Fuck you’ to the judges” and as Tim wrote “Chacun à son gout — it's a matter of taste.”

The Disappointment

But then Jonathan pulls an Emilio and doesn’t pick Cerri as his model! Even after she stuck up for him. Bastard. Admittedly, I haven’t watched the episode of Models of the Runway, so maybe there’s a larger context, but still, I like you a lot less now Jonathan.

The Winner
Emilio. I do not like Emilo. I have to admit his “ES♥SA” dress looked better on the runway than it did in the workroom. I thought the print looked nasty, but somehow it seemed to work at a distance. Again, sweet vindication that Tim disliked it so. He expected the judges to hate it too, but instead “They responded as though he had invented fire, which he surely believed he had, too. I was dumbstruck.” Reading back, Tim also pointed out that in the hardware challenge Emilo’s look had no accessory (as was part of the challenge) and should have been automatically out. The judges seem to be in love with him for some reason.

The Loser
So sad to see you go Anthony. I’m certain we haven’t seen the last of you though. The show will be a lot less interesting with you gone (or will it?). Your purple-people-eater gown was just too… well, not up to par with the rest. Even if Mila’s model couldn’t walk in her tee-pee dress, you weren’t going to get saved. But wait? Seth Aaron made the dreaded “phone call home”. True, but he was never in danger, let’s face it. His cartoon suit would have been my pick as the winner. I wish I liked his designs more, because I’m liking him a lot.

Looks like the great Mayan Mystery will be solved next week. I’m so excited! I was worried there’d be no explanation why she didn’t show at fashion week. There’s a lot of crazy speculation on some forums that Maya doesn’t leave the show, instead Valeria does. I guess she has some DKNY gig looming over her. The theories get as convoluted as the Kennedy assassination to explain all the inconsistencies in the Fashion Week runway show.

I’m guessing they both leave the show. When Jack withdrew in Season 4 they brought the last designer eliminated back, the fabulous Chris March. So that’ll mean the equally fabulous Anthony will get to come back! He’ll get Maya’s model, Monique. Then Valeria will leave and Seth Aaron will get the last model eliminated: Cerri!

This will also explain the mystery of Anthony’s fashion week model. Every eliminated designer so far that showed at Fashion Week showed with the model eliminated the same week they were. Except Anthony who showed with Monique. Whenever Anthony gets eliminated a second time, Monique will be the odd model out. She’s worked mostly with Maya, who won’t be there to pick her, and Jay who is now firmly settled on Brittany as his muse.

It also explains why Valeria didn’t model for anyone at Fashion Week.


  1. You're awesome Alan. Thanks! Who knew you knew? But I really think you know.... Some totally hilarious phrases in here... I really delighted in reading it. :)

  2. oh my goodness. after watching the horrible episode that was project runway ep 10, i felt compelled to google for other people's opinions of the show; THANK YOU!! i feel so much better reading about what your wrote; that i wasn't alone in feeling that the judges were completely insane this season, esp on yesterday's episode. i was really so angry and sad when the judges mocked him, making snide remarks abt the husband putting on his wife's straitjacket--talk about tacky and mean! thank goodness for tim gunn; and now fellow viewers like you.

    and indeed like you, i was very very dissapointed in him ditching cerri. they were my favourite pair, and i really like him alot less (he's one of my favs) without cerri.--qing

  3. i do not have an adequate vocabulary to explain to you how very much i hate emilio's work without resorting to unrelenting profanity.

    also, i heart tim gunn.

    that is all.


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