Monday, March 8, 2010

Project Runway 7, Episode 7: Epic Fail

Ok, I’m really late on this one so let’s just get to it:

The Sounds of Contractual Obligations Being Met

What did Michael Kors or his Soho shop have anything to do with the hardware store challenge? Absolutely nothing. Obviously his contract as a judge stipulates an appearance at his boutique, but couldn’t you put in a little effort to make it relevant? And why couldn’t Heidi just say they were going to meet Michael? Now anytime they’re sent to see a “top” or “favorite” designer, we just assume its Michael Kors.

The Enigma

Maya had disappeared from the show for a while. I want to go back and take a look at some of the footage of her from earlier on, because suddenly now she seems very uncomfortable on camera, at least in the confessionals. Maybe I’m just projecting as I look for an explanation for future events. I’m glad she did well though. I loved her outfit. She, Jonathan, and Ben are the only remaining designers to have not won a challenge, and as yet no designer to win a challenge has been eliminated.

Jay’s Edit

Jay had two elements of his edit that could have set him off as a potential loser. He was seemingly overconfident and he had backstory revelations. The difference was, he wasn’t really overconfident, he was just excited to have gotten this far. He didn’t say he’d make the final three, he just reiterated how close he was. And was it just me or did his backstory revelations seem somehow incomplete? I didn’t really understand why he got so emotional.

The Winner
Jay’s leather-plastic-bag pants outfit looked great! Sure, sure, maybe I’m biased, but I think he deserved the win.

The Loser
Now, I’ve never been a big fan of the Dread Pirate Whiner, and his outfit did look like a demented tin-foil mush-ball. And it was interesting that he went from the top three last week to out this week. But, I’m sorry, the man was robbed, pillaged if you will.


WTF was that? Emilio sends a nearly naked model down the runway wearing an incomprehensible and trashy tangle of pink cord and shiny washers and somehow staves off elimination? How does that work? Tim was clearly surprised. I half expected him to comment, as he did last season with Johnny, about the load of crap Emilio was spinning on the runway. I might have had sympathy for him if he really had gone for a bathing suit from the get go, but to fail at a dress and then lie about it just makes you look bad.

What Was the Point of the Challenge?
Emilio clearly could not work with non-conventional materials. He flat out tanked that challenge. He failed, and you let him off the hook? What’s the point then? I mean seriously. Either the ability to adapt and work with other materials is important to being a great fashion designer or it’s not. If it’s not, the challenge is a lie and pointless pandering to the audience.

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  1. Watched this last night and was stunned that Emilio stayed in. I even believe I could have strung up a bunch of washers and called it a bathing suit - and I have never successfully operated a sewing machine in my life!

    Besides, it was also non-functional! If you had her hop in place for only a short while, the weight of it all would have adjusted all those knots all funky and likely just broken a few of the strands.

    It is all shape of show anyway. I often guess that the other producers who have been keeping an eye on the production process tell them who makes better TV. It is well known if you have a lot of drama - you'll stay in longer.


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