Friday, March 19, 2010

Project Runway 7, Episode 9: New York, New York

I don’t really like Emilio anymore. I lost a lot of respect for him after the hardware challenge. First he lied about the whole swimsuit thing, and then after sending Holly down the runway virtually naked, he ditched her for a new model. Then he claims to choose Seth Aaron as his partner just to force Jay to partner with Mila. Really? Would you have chosen Mila otherwise? I so wanted it to bite him in the ass. Instead everything went his way.

East Village: Jay & Mila
I wonder why they hate each other so much? What happened between them? They haven’t seemed to spar at all on camera. Apparently they’re very civil in their hatred for one another. No surprise then that they didn’t actually work together at all or that their designs weren’t cohesive. Neither Jay’s day look tank top & riding pants nor Mila’s evening look track jacket & skirt seemed to anyway embody the East Village or the graffiti they kept referencing. No surprise they were in the bottom two.

Chinatown: Anthony & Maya
Maya finally got enough screen time to grow a personality, and Anthony got to see whole chickens hanging in a shop window. While I really liked the concept of Anthony’s evening dragon dress, I agreed with the judges that it was screaming for some sort of red highlight or trim. That would have tied it in with the red bits in Maya’s day look pagoda outfit, which I loved. Both outfits looked like they belonged together and put them in the top two. Still,I don’t know that I could pick a Maya Luz gown out of a lineup.

Upper East Side: Amy & Jonathan
I don’t know what either of those looks had to do with the Upper East Side. Amy’s sherbet cone day design looked pretty ordinary and Jonathan’s pantyhose-colored cutaway evening dress looked like a child’s construction paper design gone bad. And it was so unflattering… everywhere. Not only did those two designs not look like they belonged together, they didn’t look like they belonged on a runway.

Harlem: Emilio and Seth Aaron
Not only did they work well together, they seemed a good influence on each other. I came about as close to liking Seth Aaron’s denim explosion day look as anything he’s done so far. Emilio’s Billie Holiday evening look stumped me though. What did he make that out of? Raincoat material? Otherwise it was a sleek look.

The Winners & Loser

Amy had been in freefall for weeks and was clearly the odd-woman out. I’d argue that Jay’s tank top or Jonathan’s hose gown was more poorly executed, but Amy’s time had come. Besides, Jonathan was just too damn funny in that episode to end up eliminated.

Oo… Another first in Project Runway history! Seth Aaron and Emilo both won! Um… yeah… ok. They don’t get immunity next week or their design manufactured and sold or anything. There was no reason not to crown them co-winners. Still good that they both got their due.

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  1. I actually think what it comes down to is this: Jay is simply too respectful of other people to go all out on Mila, though she might deserve it at times. And Mila probably won't bite if she knows he won't bite back at all, given that it just makes her look worse. There's simply no nasty in Jay. It's like picking on a baby panda.


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