Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Diana's got two new blogs going on.

First, she's become a regular contributor to the Blinkx Square Eyes Blog. It's all about TV, so now she has to watch TV for work. Tragic. (If you just want to see her posts, you can go here.)

Second, as part of her job she organizes her company's weekly lunch and sends out an email letting people know what they're having. The emails are highly amusing, and they became so popular, she was asked to write for Square Eyes. Check out Thursday Lunch Is...


If you read Diana's posts on Square Eyes, you'll already know this, but:

'Glee' cast hits the road for four-city tour


Get your own pair of those fabulous pants the Norwegian Curlers were wearing from Loudmouth Golf in Sonoma. (Loudmouth Golf Pants)

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  1. I just took a gander at your engagement photos- they are awesome!


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