Thursday, March 25, 2010


Can you impeach a Pope? Cuz this guy's got to go.

Vatican halted trial for man accused by deaf boys


Hopefully these rates will start going down by the time we start looking at having kids:

Why Are So Many Moms Dying?


Detroit is looking at turning some of it's blighted neighborhoods into farmland. Just search "Detroit Farming" and you'll find a whole slew of links. You might think this is the first step in the city's final demise. That it'll now disappear back into the countryside, but actually it's being aggressively pursued as a way to help revive the city, and bring in jobs and tax dollars. The truth is the city has enough land that it once had 2 million residents. Even when it "recovers" experts think it'll top off at 700,000-900,000. Might as well use that extra land for something.

Personally, I find it really exciting. Detroit has a very unique opportunity to not only reinvent itself, but to reinvent what a city can be.


  1. I am MAD obsessed with Detroit(Rock City). If it wasn't smack in the middle of Snowville, USA, I'd pack up and get on the post-meltdown rebuilding train.

    But I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate cold weather.

    And good lord, but you would think that the church woudl do a serious cleansing, and rid itself of all of these priests who are unable to control their procilvities. We are no longer a world in the dark, but there are many people who need their faith. They damage themselves, and the future of the church profoundly. Many of my Catholic friends find themselves distancing from the church, but still maintaining their beliefs. It is not the modern world that tears the church down, it is their own refusal to become anything but corrupt.

  2. If there's one thing 16 and Pregnant has taught me, it's to say NO to labor induction.

    Keep it in mind.


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