Monday, March 29, 2010

Spoilerish: PR Producers Make Weak Stretch for Mystery.

So Tom and Lorenzo concur that the Mayan Mystery will likely be solved in next week's episode, based on the preview below:

Claiming that Ping, Jesse, or Anthony will come back seems like a desperate ploy by the producers to try and get people to watch. "Let's tempt people with the crazy one, the one everyone hated, and the one everyone liked. That will make them watch!" Except that it will clearly be Anthony. It doesn't make any sense any other way. Not only does the Chris March precedent dictate it be Anthony, but the fact that his Fashion Week model was Monique only works if he comes back on the show. (Unless you bring back Ping to work with Monique, and when she gets eliminated stick Anthony with Monique as his Fashion Week model. Ping wouldn't have to show at Fashion Week as she was already out. Except, what if she'd made the final three and shown? That would have been confusing. And let's not even get into how unfair it would be to bring back Ping at this point.)

No, you're not really fooling us Lifetime. It'll be Anthony.

(Thanks Diana for the heads up.)

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  1. I was wondering if Maya finishes the challenge, but leaves at the end of it, and that they use her as the elimination for the week. I also thought that Valeria might leave after all, bringing Cerri back.


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