Friday, March 26, 2010

Wait... Wasn't That Your Idea?

Republican Attorneys General are claiming the Healthcare Bill is unconstitutional because it mandates that everyone get health insurance.

And yet the idea of mandating all individuals get health insurance was originally a Republican idea, touted by John McCain in the 90's as an alternative to Bill Clinton's Healthcare reform attempts.

Health bill included big Republican idea: individual mandate

So it was your idea, but as soon as Democrats agreed to it, you had to oppose it, why? If there's any reason other than politics and being contrary just to be contrary, I'd love to hear it.


5 key things to remember about health care reform

"1. Health insurance companies can't discriminate against you because you have a pre-existing condition."

That doesn't kick in until 2014, but it's long over due. I got denied coverage because of my seasonal allergies for pete's sake.

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