Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hmm... Call me a scrooge or a gloomy gus or what have you. I mean, I'm sure it was a good game and all, but I have a hard time buying last night's NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game as "a benchmark game" or "one for the ages" or buying the tournament as a whole as "one of the most memorable March Madnesses in history" when at the end of the day a #1 seeded team won.

Duke does it in 61-59 thriller over Butler

Duke wins NCAA title game for the ages

I mean, what was the point of it all? Couldn't you have just started with Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, and Syracuse? And now you want to expand the tournament to 96 teams? I mean, I guess I see that the only way to dissolve the NIT is to absorb those teams into the tournament, but seriously? You could have a 32 team tournament and not leave out any teams with a legitimate chance at winning.

Oh, but I guess the point of the tournament isn't to crown a champion, but to generate revenue.

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