Friday, April 23, 2010

Project Runway 7, Episode 14: Finale!

Wow, I was pleasantly surprised.


I’m still glad we saw her collection instead of Jay’s, especially after Jay turned into a catty queeny diva-bitch in the Reunion show afterwards. (Cerri was giving her opinion, albeit bluntly; Jay was trying to hurt her feelings. I won’t be so eager to sit near you at the food court next time, Jay.) Sure, they were all very “Mila”, but they weren’t all 60’s retro black & white squares either. There were 80’s influences, different textures, patterns, etc. This was my favorite of her looks:

Still she had no chance of winning.


I was kind of bored by Emilio’s collection, except for the dress at the end that even I’ll admit was stunning:

Had he done 9 looks in the same world as that dress, he’d’ve won. But he didn’t. I believe he fell victim to the classic tragic flaw of hubris. In his mind, he’d already won, and Bryant Park was his chance to launch his line. I’m not a fashion expert, but I think I get what the judges meant by it being a “line” not a “collection”. He chose to show the judges something new by dialing it down, instead of going further.

He needs to learn how to dial down his ego a little and take criticism. He looked like a kicked puppy after he lost and through the Reunion show, which just shows how immature he really is. He’s definitely talented though. I’m sure he’ll do quite well for himself.

Seth Aaron

For most of this season, I’ve liked Seth Aaron, but not his clothes or his esthetic, but I actually really liked his runway show! He managed to do Mission-Punk chic. The star of the collection:

He showed the judges something different by dialing it up a notch. Clearly he understand how to put on a show in a way Mr. “I always wear a hoodie sweatshirt and a do-rag” does not. And he won! I was so surprised and so happy for him. It’s funny how his family is so adorable and so normal.

The show got it right! They gave us a likable winner who put on a better show. They took the whole season into account, but didn’t lose sight of the fact that the runway show is really the last challenge. By doing that, they stayed true to “one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out”.

Tim Gunn

I will just point out that the designer who actually listened to Tim and understood that his criticisms were not literal instructions but attempts to elucidate the judges’ criteria and shepherd the designers into a version of themselves that could win the show, won the show.

Also, Tim will be at the Kate Spade store in Corte Madera tomorrow from 2-4pm. We might go.

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  1. the look on emilio's face when heidi congratulated seth aaron was priceless. i had to back up the dvr to see it again.


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