Friday, April 16, 2010

Project Runway Episod 13: Tim on a Trampoline

That's the best picture you got of Tim Gunn on the trampoline? Oh Lifetime... learn to make a TV show.

Tim in SF

Tim visited San Francisco and he didn't call me? I'm hurt. I suppose it's good I didn't know he was going to be around or I would have stalked him and made him go shopping with me and Diana. Or maybe we'd have had tea. In any case, I'm sure had himself a good time while he was town. (Oh, and Jay's partner was totally the guy I saw him eating dinner with at the food court.)

Tim in Vancouver, WA
Tim on a trampoline was almost as good as Tim baking. I want Seth Aaron to win.

Tim in LA
Wow, that was some tragically 80's hair there Mila.

Tim in NY
He and Emilio clearly to do not get along. Where Tim gives out hugs to the other designers, he gives a handshake to Emlio. Emilio clearly has some confidence/ego issues that prevent him from taking criticism well. Fortunately for him, after he has some time to think about Tim's comments, he usually comes around.

Bye Bye

I'm sad Jay got auf'ed, but I agree with it. I wanted to see Mila's collection more than Jay's, which would surely have been over-worked (and a quick look shows that it was).


I really couldn't stand all the "one of you will show at Fashion Week and the other will be out" bull-shit. Jay showed! We all knew Jay was going to show. Surely Jay knew he was going to show. It completely undercuts your show to be constantly lying about the stakes. It makes you look bad. Really. Seriously. Bad.

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  1. Someone needs to get this show an editor who can come up with a new storyline. EVERY viewer KNOWS that almost all the designers got to show. ALL the contestants KNOW it. How about changing things up a bit so that there's some meaning...or emphasizing the difference between creating a collection with money and time as opposed to squeezing it in and financing it on your own (or do the losers also get $ from PR for their collections?). Really...I was so bored I didn't even watch it through to the end. How come no one seems to care about winning the grand prize only about showing at Bryant Park which makes no sense?


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