Thursday, May 13, 2010

Really Good Chili

I'm not one to cook something and then brag about how good it tastes. I have a friend who every time he cooks something goes around saying "This is so good. This is SOOO GOOD. Oh my god." I'm serious. He could have buttered some toast and he'd be saying that. It drives me nuts.

But... Oh my god, I made the best chili tonight. It was so good, SOOO GOOOD. Easily the best chili I've ever made. Or maybe it was just the right combination of flavors at the right moment, I don't know. But after one bowl, part of me wanted to eat until my stomach exploded, and part of me wanted to mute the TV, turn off the lights, and just let the residual flavors wash over me. Seriously. It was really good.

In order to remember what I did exactly, I wrote it down as best I could and posted it in my recipe section. Normally I improvise something and then it's lost forever no matter how good it ended up, but I wasn't going to let this one get away.

Really Good Chili

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