Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love, Chaos, Dinner, as long as you're not a teenager from Michigan

Diana sent me this little tidbit from SFGate:

-- A group of 30 or 40 high school students from Michigan attended Friday night's performance of Teatro ZinZanni last week, but left after a few minutes. The students seemed to be having a fine time, but their chaperone had decided the material - "love, chaos and dinner" is the slogan - was too adult for them. Politely, he asked for the bill that far, and then escorted the kids out. Everything was civilized, but the hole in the audience did "make the night tougher for the performers," said a company rep. Spy L.H. reported that quick-witted star Frank Ferrante ad-libbed jokes about the departures.

Now, I understand that everyone's tastes are different, and everything seemed to be handled well with as little of a scene as possible when escorting a large group of teenagers out of a live performance. Maybe acrobatics just isn't that chaperone's thing, but I do have to scratch my head a little.

I've seen Teatro ZinZanni. It's not something I would describe as "racy", but then again I used to work at Renaissance Faire. Diana called it "PG-13" at best. I was interested to see what guidelines for age appropriateness they listed on the Teatro ZinZanni website. Nothing immediately leapt out at me. No "Warning: for Adults only". So I noodled a little deeper and found the age limit for attending. Guess how old you have to be: five. Five years old.

They run a circus camp for kids 9-16.

More head scratching.

And these were High School students. Given that the average age at which a person loses their virginity is 17, it's reasonable to assume that a fair amount of those 30-40 students have already seen and done things far racier than you could see at the Hustler Club, let alone Teatro ZinZanni.

Scratch, scratch. Maybe they didn't realize how expensive it was and faked being offended to get out of it. (At $100+ a person, that was one pricey class outing.) Or maybe the chaperone just didn't like it. (This guy panned it.) Or maybe corseted waitresses are just too much for Michigan teenagers.

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