Friday, July 9, 2010


A couple of years ago Diana and I went to see Aliens at the Castro. As part of that they showed a preview for Jaws, which they were going to be showing later that summer. Alas, I was out of town when they showed it, so no Jaws on the big screen for me... until last night!

They showed it at the Cerrito as part of their Classics series. I'd never seen it on the big screen. Diana had never seen it at all. Man it was good. It's a long movie, in the same way that the Dark Knight was long. It's grueling. You definitely go on a journey.

Sure some of it is cliched and outdated (smoking in a hospital, anyone?). The audience laughed at more than a few things that were not intended to be funny, but they also jumped and screamed at just the right times too.

Here's Robert Shaw's famous monologue about the USS Indianapolis:

"Anyway... We delivered the bomb."

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