Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sports Shorts

I've been saying for years that the way to solve the "problem" of the Yankees domination is to move a third team to the New York area. Now it seems preventing that from happening is mucking up the Giants/A's territory dispute over San Jose. From the article: "As much as fans of most teams hate it, MLB seems to have concluded that Yankee domination is good for revenues"

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. But in an interview with the LA Times, Selig even admits he grew up a Yankees fan. No bias there.


Oh right, Spain won the World Cup, in one of the most boring soccer games ever. If your world championship game can be that big of a snooze-fest, no wonder your sport can't catch on in this country. (Oh, and I ended up rooting for Spain because the whole Dutch "foul the crap out of them and hope we get lucky" game plan was a turn-off.)


Bo Jackson threw out the first pitch at the Home Run Derby last night. Don't ask me why the Home Run Derby needs a ceremonial first pitch, but anyway... I tried to find a video clip of the home run he hit in 1989 All-Star Game (also in Anaheim), but all I could find was this compilation of highlights both baseball and football. I don't know about this guy's claim that he was a hall-of-famer, but it's some amazing watching. Certainly had he focused on just one sport he would have been a hall-of-famer in it. Instead he blew out his hip in a playoff game for the Raiders and never recovered.

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