Friday, July 30, 2010

This is not Project Runway 8, Episode 1

Apparently that wasn't an episode of Project Runway I watched last night. How could it have been? They kept saying it was the last stage of the audition process and the 17 of them weren't on the show yet. So if they had to survive that challenge to be on the show, then clearly that 90 minutes of sewing, Loreal ads, and Lifetime promos wasn't Project Runway.

This is why I'm not sure I want to blog the show anymore. All I seem to do is bitch about the things that annoyed me or pissed me off.

Like keeping backwards-kimono-salon-smock-bowler-hat-wearing-so-insecure-in-my-sexuality-I-have-to-constantly-make-a-display-of-my-straightness dude on the show. (All you Bay Area theatre peeps, didn't he look exactly like Gabriel Marin? I know, right.) Ok, I'm not necessarily saying I would have kept Utah-Dreadlocks in his stead, but at least her dress was sewn and not stapled and pinned. (And how exactly can I link to her profile on the website if she was never on the show?)

Or picking that incredibly blah black thing as the winner.

So you see my conundrum? Was there anything about the show last night that I actually liked? Hearing Nina Garcia speak Spanish was fun and seeing Tim Gunn get his own confessional interview. I hope that becomes a regular thing. Other than that, the episode was pretty boring.

Did the extra time make it boring? I don't know. I definitely noticed the difference in pacing. I think they'll hit a sweet spot about halfway through the season where 90 minutes is just the right amount of time. Right now, it's still not long enough for that many designers. At the end, it will be too long for so few.

So in the meantime, as the next few weeks go by with me likely too busy to post, I'll see if I can come up with a new hook or angle to keep my posts interesting. Because catty bitch-fest might be cathartic, but it's getting old.

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  1. You also had me sitting there going, "What time is it? Is it 10 yet? What--it's not even 9:30? When is this show going to END?!"

    Glaciers melt at a faster pace. And the slow boring intro of all 17 didn't help me remember anyone, anyway!


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