Saturday, July 3, 2010

World Cup Yawn

With Ghana out (and I'm sorry, but if you use your hands to block such an obvious goal, shouldn't it just be a goal? UPDATE: FIFA is considering banning the offending player from the final should Uruguay reach it.) South America and Europe are guaranteed to maintain their strangle-hold on the cup.

It didn't matter if Germany or Argentina won, we knew there would be 2 previous winners in the semis and 2 new nations. Whats more, with Germany advancing, there's still a good chance the Brazil/Italy/Germany triumvirate will win yet again. In the last 30 years the only nations other than those three to win a Cup were France in 1998 and Argentina in 1986.

If Spain manages to beat Paraguay in a few short hours as every expects them to, 3 of the 4 semifinal teams will be European. Not bad for a continent that's never won a World Cup held outside of Europe. For that streak to continue, one of the blank-aguay's will have to emerge victorious.

I guess if Paraguay wins today, I root for them, if only because they've never reached a final. The Dutch have lost two finals in their day, which both helps them and hurts them in terms of wining my support.

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