Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey That's Mine

In 2007 I watched every "official" Bond film in chronological order of when they were released (and I watched Never Say Never Again for good measure). I found myself wanting to write up my thoughts on them, but at the time I wasn't blogging. Plus, that hadn't been the original intent of watching them all. The intent was to just watch them all.

I always figured I'd revisit that idea, watch them all again sometime and write about them. I just didn't particularly have the time (I was mostly unemployed when I started it the first time) and didn't particularly want to subject Diana to them all (I started dating her about halfway through my first expedition).

Then today I stumbled across this: Blog, James Blog.

In April of this year, a TV documentary producer and die-hard 007 fan named Scott Engel assigned himself the task of writing about every single one of the 22 “official” Bond movies in chronological order. (source)


I mean, I'm sure there's room in the blogosphere for more than one Bond Movie orgy, but someday I need to actually jump on my ideas when I have them.


  1. I watched some of them, willingly! But you wouldn't LET me watch the one with Denise Richards with you! Because I would've talked through the whole thing, probably.

  2. You're welcome to watch all of them with me, but some of them are really bad.


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