Monday, August 2, 2010

My Highly Inaccurate Baseball Predictions

I consider myself to be a reasonably knowledgeable baseball fan though by no means an expert. I'll admit my gut reaction to the Cubs trading Ryan Theriot was negative, even though statistically speaking it's probably a good deal. I mean, you swapped for an infielder with similar career numbers only he's a few years younger.

In any case, with the trading deadline behind us, I'd like to take this opportunity to make my post-season predictions.


I just don't see the Giants holding it together long enough to make a run at the division or the wild card. They have a losing record against teams in their own division. That will hurt them down the stretch. Whereas the Phillies should improve. I pick the Reds because I hate the Cardinals.

NL Champion: I'll go with the Phillies yet again. Sure, if the season ended today they wouldn't even make the play-offs, but I'm crazy like that.


I don't know that there's anything particularly controversial in those picks. I went with the Twins because I hate the White Sox.

AL Champion: I'm going to go with the underdog Rangers. The Yankees are old and will fade down the stretch (possibly even enough to let in the Red Sox). The Rays are young and probably the smart money pick, but my gut says it's the Rangers turn to play the part of the '08 Rays, '07 Rockies, or '05 Astros. On paper they have no business being in the World Series, but somehow they'll squeak in.

World Champion: Phillies in 5. They'll pick up the first two at home, drop one in Texas, and then finish things out.

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