Friday, August 6, 2010

Project Runway 8, Episode 2: These People Are Crazy

I hiked up to a mountain top in Tibet this morning to ask the guru some questions about last night's Project Runway:

Why are all the designers this season so f-ing fragile?
Because the producers looked into their hearts and saw terror at having to fill 90 minutes, so they found 17 designers with high maintainance egos for the extra personal drama.

What advice do you have for Jason?
One will find the quickest past towards understanding is to get over one's self. There's nothing about you to misunderstand. You just use that as a crutch to avoid taking personal responsibility for your mistakes and to protect your ego. Go to a therapist and see #19 of 25 and Over

How would you help Mondo with his loneliness?
Loneliness is a two way street. You get what you give. We are just dust in the wind.

Excuse me?
I'm cutting him slack and assuming that was a stress and fatigue induced rant.

Why do the judges have such a hard-on for Gretchen's colorless blobs?
The path of wisdom is long and winding, and apparently the judges have strayed from the path and are lost in the backwoods of their own bat-shit crazy.

Then he gave me a copy of Marie Claire magazine and told me to always use the accessory wall thoughtfully, and I went home.

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