Friday, September 3, 2010

Project Runway 8, Episode 6: Always a Bridesmaid...

Well, this season certainly is shaping up well. Last night's episode was not the jaw-dropper of the previous week, but it was still enjoyable. Re-purposing bridesmaid's dresses was a brilliant idea, even if it did mean most of them lucked out on their non-traditional model challenge.

The Infinite Mystery of Michael C
I admit it. I enjoyed watching the Cult of Gretchen bash and trash Michael C only to have him win. Once again they were WRONG, and their expressions were delicious. I'd love to know why they're so convinced he can't sew. People have been on the show before who can't sew and usually they're out by now. Either the producers aren't showing us his ineptitude in the workroom, or the other designers are delusional. Either way we're missing something.

And yet... as much as I enjoyed watching that bitch-slap, (and his winning was nothing more than the judges saying "fuck you" to the Cult of Gretchen--Mondo's dress was the far superior) I hated Michael C's shapeless-black-turd dress. WTF was that? I can only assume it looked better in person, because on screen it literally looked like a piece of black shit. When I could discern the shape, all I could see was something Madonna would have worn in a Duran Duran video. The lace top looked like exactly what it was: tacked on. It didn't seem to relate to the rest of the dress at all. And talk about showing the good china...

I've been watching Tim's video blogs on his Facebook page and he referred to the judges as "crack smoking" this season. I would have to agree with him.

My Fav's
I loved that Casanova and Ivy made pants and Andy made shorts. If it weren't for the fact that I can't stand Ivy and her model had a humongous wedgie, I might have given her the win. I think my favorite was Casanova's.

The Losers
The bottom three were all a mess. I disliked Valerie's Tennis-Dress-Crime-Against-Boobs the most, but she's been in the top too much to be on the chopping block. I don't know... I could have gone either way on Mike D's Unfortunate-in-Pink vs. Peach's Ruffle-Drapery-Accident. I like Peach a lot as a character, but her designs never thrilled me. I guess the avocado napkins were more unforgivable than whatever it was that Mike D did. I still would have kept Peach just to keep her. (I want to hear more Peach-isms. Clearly there were more that we didn't hear.)

I want to see Tim clubbing in Andy's outfit.

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  1. I'm starting to think that we as an audience - as well as perhaps the contestants - are getting punked. Because seriously? Michael Costello did not deserve this win. WTF? I stare at my TV screen and want to throw things.


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