Friday, September 10, 2010

Project Runway 8, Episode 7: Coupling

What did I tell you? In the very first episode after the Fashion Week runway show, we got a nice long cry-fest from Valerie about how devastated she'll be if she doesn't get to show at Fashion Week. Ok, I'll grant you that when it was shot she probably didn't know if she'd show or not, but producers, seriously, why show us that crap when we KNOW SHE SHOWED. It's not just bullshit, it's boring.

Other than that brief foray into aggravation land and one more at the end, the episode was rife with wonderment. Either this challenge was tailor made for this group of designers, or the producers should have done this one a long time ago.

Michael C. Redeemed
The Michael C./Mondo story arc was so heartwarming. Come on, admit it, your heart temperature went up a few degrees seeing them with their arms on each-others shoulders after the judging. That's good storytelling full of conflict, resolution, humility and they both stayed likable. So satisfying.

The Odd Couple
Ah... Casanova. You were always entertaining, but suddenly became hysterical:

"There's nothing wrong with my eyes."
"Oh my Gosh, she believe that I'm a retard."

Ah... You were the star of this episode. Too bad you were the tragic hero, otherwise you would have become the star of the whole show.

He not only managed to work with Gretchen, but he worked well with Gretchen. Of course, it helps that she's calmed way down after Tim's smackdown.

The Seamstress and The Bitchtastic Nutjob
(They're both Ivy, in case you didn't get that.) I don't think it mattered who Ivy got paired with, she would have complained about their construction ability. At least Mike D had perspective on her crazy and didn't take it personally. While it was refreshing to see him cop to his limitations, it was conversely maddening to see Ivy refuse to take any responsibility for her Statue-Of-Liberty Snooze Fest. How come no one commented on the styling? In the season of styling comments, no one comments on how horribly that was styled. What was that hair? It completely obscured the strap of the dress, which was pretty much its only design element. The judges must have been smoking some good crack before the taping to let that monstrosity pass without aufing. (Except Kristin Bell. She's too nice to be corrupted by Nina, Michael, and Heidi's debauchery.)

The Loser
Casanova, you will be missed. Ok, maybe not your designs. I mean, he somehow made his model look 70 in that Old-Lady Outfit, but at least it was a good old-lady outfit. Ivy's design wouldn't have worked on a woman of any age. I loved that they gave us a little retrospective of your highlight moments on the show, another benefit of the 90 minute format.

Fret not, he showed well at Fashion Week. You can see his collection here. We will miss you, but at least you didn't embarrass yourself with your collection and maybe it will get you work!

"Sad? Zero. Disappointed? Maybe a quart."

The Winner

Go April. Go April. It's about time. I thought Andy was going to win with his swim-suit-and-wrap, but somehow you pulled it out with your Asylum-Resort-Wear. Your inspirations are mildly disturbing, but if it works...

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