Friday, September 17, 2010

Project Runway 8, Episode 8: The Neverending Story

The first half hour of the episode was really funny. The other three hours got rather tedious. (Except for the Waterloo moment at the end, which was high-larious.)

Bye-Bye Sweet Spot
We have officially left the 90 minute format sweet spot. Half hour into the episode I could not believe we were only a half hour into the episode. Seriously, I thought I was reading the clock wrong, and it was a digital clock. If I were the producers, I'd do the first few episodes in 2 hours, then drop to 90 minutes for a few, and finally go to an hour for the rest. I can't imagine how they're going to fill time when we're down to 4 or 5 designers. I already know these people too well.

Hello Good Times
With the exception of Michael "MC" Costello, whom even I can't stand anymore, everyone in the cast seems to really like each other. They might be critical of each other, and recognize each other's crazy, but they seem to like each other. That's so refreshing in reality TV, and in my opinion, so much more enjoyable to watch. I'd much rather see a bunch of people having fun together than beat each other up.

Gretchen Needs to Learn to Dress Herself
That's all I really have to say about her. She's growing on me as a character, but nothing she wears ever fits her right or flatters her figure.

Gag the MC
Michael Costello is so sickeningly disingenuous that I would gladly put up with Ivy for another episode to have him aufed next. Can he please be next? Please?

Kiss of Death
Apparently the kiss of death on this season of PR is not the "phone call home" but being developed as comic relief. As soon as your character becomes entertaining, you're out. First it was Casanova; this week it was Mike D.; next week it'll probably be Valerie or maybe April who becomes a laugh riot. Who knows?

The Loser
Oh Mike D. I will say this, I couldn't see JBKO wearing any of the bottom three outfits. The challenge aside, I didn't think your Crucible-Malware was as bad as Valerie's Colorless-Blob, but if the judges' tastes are to be believed, colorless blobs are all the rage this year. Andy seems to only be able to do Andy and doesn't seem to care if his MC-Hammer-Asian-Gang-Wear fits the challenge or not. Mondo and April seem to be the only designers who can fit their square points of views into round holes.

The Winner
Mondo Mondo Mondo! Somehow you made a very Mondo outfit that the judges could actually picture JBKO wearing. And you looked wore probably the craziest designer runway outfit ever, looking like Hervé Villechaize as the emcee in Cabaret, you tap dancing fool you. I do hope you're in the final three because I like you, but your Fashion Week collection was a little CRAZY.

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