Thursday, September 9, 2010

Project Runway: Let the Lies Begin

Tonight's episode of Project Runway will kick-off what I like to call the "Lies Lies and More Lies" part of the season. Why?

This morning in a tent in front of Lincoln Center in New York, Project Runway had their Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway show. All 10 designers appearing in tonight's episode showed. So from now on, whenever you see someone in tears talking about how they don't want to get eliminated so they can show at fashion week, you know it's a bunch of BS.

Tom and Lorenzo of Project Rungay, as always, had a prime seat at the festivities this morning. You can hop on over to their blog to see photos of all of the collections. I haven't looked yet, but I'm sure I will soon.

You can also check out their twitter feed for their updates during the show.

I will now share some of my favorites of their tweets:

"Casanova up, inspired by grandmother promises no more plush puppies"

"Music: vocal repeating "Michael Costello" over and over"

"No one will tell you this, but the tents always reek of BO"

"Gretchens in a sheer skirt showing her panties to the world"

"Enough with the hot pants, designers"

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