Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What the hell is Jimmy Johnson doing as a contestant on Survivor?

How the hell is Survivor in its 21st season?


The website's in Dutch, and they only work if you have a SIM card, but if I was still with T-Mobile, I'd so get one of these: John's Phones.


Warehouse 13 on SyFy. So good. I don't want H.G. Wells to be evil.


For all you Cee Lo Green fans who spend a lot of time at Cons:


You can bid to have Neil Gaiman follow you on Twitter for 90 days, mention your tweet handle in one of his tweets, and retweet one of your tweets. Neil says (in a tweet) that he will "phone winner & read a poem or short-short story"


In other Neil Gaiman news, also learned on twitter:

For Halloween week, @neilhimself will appear in animated form on the PBS show "Arthur." Producers say he will "pop up in unexpected places."

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