Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not Sold

So the Cubs named former thirdbase coach and interim manager Mike Quade their new manager for the next 2 years.

I remain underwhelmed; although, I certainly hope for the best.

A friend of mine, who is pro-Quade, sent me this article:
For Cubs, Q could be the answer

While some encouraging and valid points are made, I still take something of an exception to the Cubs 24-13 record under Quade down the stretch as a point in his favor. Why? Well, let's examine that for a second.

In that stretch they played four teams that finished above 500. They went 1-2 against the Reds and 1-2 against the Giants, the eventual division winners in the Central and West. That's not exactly an inspired performance.

They went 3-1 against the Padres and 5-2 against the Cardinals. That's good, right? Is it? The Cubs weren't the only team playing the Cards and Pads well down the stretch. Over that same 37 game span, the Cards were below 500 at 18-19 and the Padres were an abysmal 14-23. The division was theirs to lose, and they lost it.

So, yes, they did well down the stretch, but they weren't exactly playing above their potential or really playing well at all against winning teams. Thats does not inspire great confidence in Quade.

I hope I'm wrong, but I see a couple long, painful rebuilding years ahead that end with Quade getting axed and a new manager coming in just as the team starts turning things around. That's maybe not fair to Quade, but that's just what I see.

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