Friday, October 8, 2010

Project Runway 8, Episode 11: Cheater Cheater Hoodie on Fire

Like they say, "one day you're in and the next day your out" or more to the point "one week you have one of the best episodes ever and the next you have one of the worst." That was one boring steaming pile we saw last night.

Worst Challenge Ever
Heidi decided she not only needed an opportunity to make a 90-minute ad for her line of activewear, but she also needed some new designs. Why not just use the pool of cheap labor she's already paying for to design them? It's really a win-win for everyone named Heidi Klum. It's a crap deal for us poor viewers who have to watch the damn show but especially for the designers who get to be exploited. I defy you to find Andy South's name anywhere on the Amazon pages selling HIS DESIGNS: Hoodie, Dress, Top, Pants. Yet Heidi's name appears at least 3 times on each page.

But that's not all that was wrong with this challenge, oh no. Let's force the designers to all work with the same ugly fabrics and force them to create a look that "fits" with Heidi's existing line, thus striping them of nearly all room for self expression. Finally, let's compound this boring idea for a challenge by having them make not one look, not two, but three boring-ass looks.

Finally, because Heidi is the client, let's unleash her into the workroom for critiques. Note to producers: the one thing this show does not need is more Heidi. She should never be allowed in the workroom. Not only does it compromise her impartiality as a judge, but THE WOMAN HAS NO TASTE IN CLOTHES. She only looks good when other people dress her. Sigh.

AND in this instance, as someone said on the show last night, she was not their client, she was their boss. Project Runway is about discovering "the next great fashion designer". The winner is expected to start their own line, not go to work designing clothes for Martha Stewart or Raulph Lauren or for some other designer or line. This challenge was prepping them for jobs they are all deliberately trying to raise above. This challenge had no business on this show. None.

The Drama
In the past, bringing eliminated designers back to help out on a challenge worked well. It was an opportunity to reunite with some old friends. This time instead of getting to see Casanova be funny or Mike D. be fabulous, we got to sit through Miss Bitter-Pants "See You Next Tuesday" Bitch-Face Ivy attack Michael C. Seriously? Didn't we just get over that bull-shit? I still don't understand how he supposedly "cheated" and as Mondo said, it only made you look "pathetic". (Does it not click with you that not only were you eliminated, but the designer you assisted on this challenge lost too?)

The "Winner"
And you want to talk about "cheating"? Helllloooo Andy South:

Heard of Lululemon Athletica have we? It's seriously embarrassing that such a blatant knock-off (even if it was done subconsciously) won the challenge. Shockingly the Hoodie that went up for sale on Amazon last night was completely redesigned. On the plus side, Lululemon got some free advertising.

The Loser
Diana actually loved Chris's line. You know, because, they were clothes you actually might wear and be comfortable in: Look 1, Look 2, Look 3. He went home over Micheal C simply because Michael C has won challenges in the past. Chris made it to the final 6, but somehow never stood out. I still don't have a good sense of his design aesthetic.

Once again, somehow in a 90-minute episode, we really had no idea what any of their looks actually looked like until they came down the runway. Thanks Ivy for hogging the spotlight even after you've been eliminated.

So I guess we're having a final 4? Or are they eliminating two people next week? I'm confused. In anycase, I think our final 3 are the top 3 from last night: April, Andy, and Mondo.


  1. Agree and agree -- worst challenge ever! A set up for boring designs (I thought NIna really held it together so well bc she hates being bored by clothes). A bad idea compounded by coming so late in the competition when we really want to watch them work and by being the 2nd "activewear" challenge...boring, boring, boring. AND what was up with the model switch at the beginning...another lame producer set-up storyline going nowhere.

  2. Did you notice that Mondo's jacket is also available through Heidi's line? They changed it around, but there are still pink satin panels in the coat. I hope they paid him for it!


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