Monday, October 25, 2010

Project Runway 8, Episode 13: Charlie Brown Breaks Down

I didn't get to see the episode until yesterday, and I find I don't have that much to say about it. But isn't that the most ridiculous picture of Tim ever? How was that their best picture of him from Hawaii?

Tim on the Road
The home visits were interesting as always, but no one made Tim cook or jump on a trampoline. He snagged a free trip to Hawaii out of the deal, but somehow I don't think sub-tropical is really Tim's milieu. There was potential for all sorts of drama at Mondo's family dinner, but the topic of Mondo's runway revelations was avoided. At least Mondo's parents were in the episode. Michael C's were not, but I will get to him later. Gretchen's home visit revealed a lot of personal growth and self-awareness on her part.

The Looks
Andy: 1, 2, 3
Gretchen: 1, 2, 3
Michael: 1, 2, 3
Mondo: 1, 2, 3

The Loser
Michael C's number finally came up. The judges didn't seem to like anyone's looks very much with the possible exception of Mondo's. Andy came close to biting it, but his extra Explosion-in-Green-Ruffles look was probably the best of the extra looks and that saved him methinks. Michael's inexperience seemed to finally bite him in the ass, as the judges decided he just wasn't ready yet.

Ultimately, I think he fell victim to Michael Knight Syndrome. He relied too heavily on Tim's advice during the challenges. Then, when taken out of the environment of the show without Tim's constant tutelage, he was lost. Tim couldn't tell him which designs to show, and he just didn't know.

The Breakdown
Damn, that was hard to watch. Micheal C does not seem to be comfortable with who he is, or as Diana put it "he relies a lot on other people for his own self worth." He had too much riding on getting to fashion week (which of course he did get to even if he wasn't in the final 3). I can only hope that he's worked out some of his issues, especially with his parents, or that he's at least taking steps in the right direction.

The Aftermath
Mondo's been Michael's buddy most of the season, so I expected his support. I did not expect Gretchen and Andy to be so concerned and supportive of him. I had the impression all season that Andy hated him, but that could have just been editing. Ultimately however, I think these final 4 were the most dimensional finalists we've ever had. Perhaps that's a byproduct of the 90 minute format, but I think some it was this particular group of people and the way they meshed.

I certainly want Mondo to win, but at this stage of the game anything can happen. Nina certainly seems to have it in for him, and from what I've read about the final judging of season 2, she made a last ditch impassioned argument for Chloe that took down favorite Danny V. Of course Nina doesn't seem to like Gretchen or Andy either, so maybe she'll abstain or vote for one of the decoy collections as a protest vote, I don't know.

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