Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scary Shorts

Neil Gaiman, struck by the lack of book giving traditions in modern western society, has proposed that people give scary books this year for Halloween. Not to everyone, mind you. He's not proposing placing volumes in every child's plastic jack-o-lantern as they come to your door. Just one person.

It's called All Hallows Read.


A reader responded to Neil's proposal by saying that in Norway they have a tradition known as "Eastercrime" wherein people give and read detective or crime novels every year during Easter week.


Cool, but a little strange.

I guess you could consider the Romans trying and executing an innocent man on trumped up charges followed by his rising from the dead to haunt his executioners an early sort of "true crime" story.


The story of Dracula told in 5 amusing cartoons.


Animated Halloween Cartoons, courtesy of Mental Floss.

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