Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chairman Ass-Kicker

Recently, rather than saving up interesting links for "Shorts" I've just been posting them to Twitter or Facebook, figuring that if it's just a link, that's the best forum.

But not for this one.

Diana recently sent me this link: Exclusive: Hawaii Five-0 Adds Cast Member. The person they added (Larisa Oleynik) wasn't the interesting part. The interesting part was this:

Her purpose in Hawaii? To assist Five-0 in the pursuit of Steve McGarrett’s arch nemesis, Wo Fat (Iron Chef America‘s Mark Dacascos).

A quick trip to IMDB reveals that, yes indeed, The American Chairman has already appeared in two episodes as Wo Fat. So... I guess that's why Alton Brown has had to fill in for him as the Chairman a few times. I always assumed it was because he was busy off filming the sequel to Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Sure the Chairman Kaga was Jean Valjean, but his American "nephew" kicks some ass:

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