Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Congrats @neilhimself & @amandapalmer

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer officially and legally were married on Sunday at Michael Chabon's house IN BERKELEY, perhaps mere miles from where I was at the exact same time. (Read all about it on his blog.) It would seem I can stalk him passively now. He just comes to me. Our brief encounter at BEA in 2008 meant so much to him. It was just shortly after we met that he did a reading in my hometown of Downers Grove, IL. Maybe it took him this long to figure out I live in Berkeley. He's getting closer and closer to me know. I wonder when he'll finally just show up on my doorstep, ring the bell, and say "Um... excuse me, I'm here to be stalked." Perhaps I should make some hotcakes in preparation.

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