Friday, February 11, 2011

Hawaii Five-0

I watched a couple episodes of Hawaii Five-0 last night. I learned a few things.

I learned that Masi Oka plays the coroner. I've never met Masi, but I know people who knew him back when he used to be an improvisor in the Bay Area.

I learned that Hawaiian Airlines seems to be the only airline that flies in and out of Hawaii.

I learned that the culprit is usually someone they meet near the beginning of the show but discount as a suspect for some reason they kick themselves for later.

I learned that people in Hawaii seem strangely willing to do just about anything a random anonymous person will hire them to do. They'll deliver strange packages to mysterious locations. They'll hack into satellite communications networks that control tsunami warning systems. I had no idea. As long as the price is right, they don't care who your are or if the activity is highly illegal.

I also learned that criminals in Hawaii are quick on the draw but slow to shoot. They'll turn their guns on the police without thinking, but then get shot and killed before they can divulge any useful information that might further an investigation.

Other than all of those things, it's a fairly entertaining show in a pop bubble-gum sort of way. It's nothing too mentally taxing.

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