Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Freaky Final Four Fun Facts

It's one of the craziest Final Fours ever on Saturday:

Game 1: #3 Connecticut vs #4 Kentucky
Game 2: #8 Butler vs #11 VCU

* It's just the 3rd time since seeding began in 1979 that no #1 seed made the Final Four
* It's the first Final Four without any #1 or #2 seeds.
* If you add up the seeds, the total is 26, breaking the record of 22 set in 2000.
* Butler becomes the first #8 seed to play a Final Four game as a favorite.
* Butler is the first team from a non-major conference to make back-to-back Final Fours since UNLV in 1990 & 1991.
* VCU's odds of winning the championship at the beginning of the season were 2500-1. Now they're 7-1.
* VCU finished 4th in the Colonial Athletic Conference, behind George Mason, Old Dominion, and Hofstra. (George Mason lost in the 3rd round, Old Dominion the 2nd, Hofstra wasn't selected for the tournament.)
* VCU becomes the first team to win 5 games to make it to the Final Four, having had to beat USC in a First Four play-in game to make the field of 64.
* Of the 5.9 million entries in ESPN's Bracket Contest, 2 correctly picked the Final Four.

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