Monday, May 23, 2011

Elementary, My Dear Hobbit

You may recall earlier this year in conveying some news about Peter Jackson's forthcoming two-part movie of The Hobbit, I expressed worry that filming would get in the way of Martin Freeman filming Series 2 of BBC's Sherlock. If you're not familiar with Sherlock, here's the trailer for Series 1:

Yes "reboots" are all the rage these days, but occaisonally they're well done. This one was. Freeman played Doctor Watson, but he's also playing Bilbo Baggins. Fortunately for mystery fans everywhere, Freeman is taking a break from shooting The Hobbit to return to the UK to work on Sherlock. A good thing too considering he won a BAFTA award last night for Actor in a Supporting Role for the part. You couldn't have the show without him.

You also apparently couldn't have the show without Doctor Who's Steven Moffat. He co-created Sherlock and will write one of the show's three 90-minute episodes for Series 2. Apparently I've been a fan of Steven Moffat's for years without knowing it. He also wrote for Coupling.

In other news, last night at the BAFTAs, Martin Freemen let slip that his co-star on Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch will also be appearing in The Hobbit. This apparently was supposed to be a secret. As such, his role has not yet been revealed. Maybe he'll play Tom Bombadil. Yes, I know Tom Bombadil isn't in The Hobbit, but that's not stopping Peter Jackson from putting other characters from The Lord of the Rings in the films.

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