Friday, July 15, 2011


In an interview yesterday, Glee uber-master Ryan Murphy said that the characters played by Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer would be graduating at the end of the next season and the actors leaving the show. While he had apparently discussed this in concept with Michele and Colfer, he hadn't made clear that it would happen at the end of next season. As a result, Colfer found out on Twitter that he was leaving the show. (Thanks Diana for the above links.)

It doesn't seem to be much of an accident that Ryan Murphy has had a hit show about High School. He seems to be living out a High School fantasy where he's the bratty, popular kid who can do whatever he wants with no regards to other people's feelings or the real world in general. After all, he does have an entire show built around allowing him to crush the dreams of aspiring young people.

He states in the interview that "We’ve never done anything by the book", including being in touch with reality apparently. I'm really supposed to believe that Finn was the star quarterback of the football team as a Sophomore? I'm sure that happens, but it's unusual enough that SOMEONE might have mentioned it at the time.

Now, assuming that the characters he has not specifically singled out for death-by-graduation are at least a year behind Rachel, Kurt, and Finn, that would mean when Glee premiered, Quinn was the head cheerleader as an incoming Freshman. Somehow she immediately landed the star quarterback as her boyfriend and go knocked up by Puck who must also have been a Freshman. Unless Puck and Quinn are somehow getting held back a year. I could buy that for Puck, but Quinn? Unless she is graduating and no one cares to mention it because she's not as major a character.

In any case, none of it really makes any sense. Not that Glee ever did really as clearly the whole thing is a way for Ryan Murphy to work out whatever issues he's still carrying around with him form his youth.

Now there are rumors that Kurt and Rachel will get a spin-off show in which they move to New York after graduation. Finn, I guess, is just getting fired. Although he never could sing or dance or act really, so maybe that's for the best. Yet somehow, I still like him and feel sorry for him.

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