Friday, July 8, 2011

Three Muska-What Now?

So there's a new Three Musketeers movie coming out, because apparently the somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 film adaptations of the book didn't quite capture the essence of the Alexander Dumas classic. The Guardian UK posted a humorous article about the film back in March after the first trailer was released. A second one was recently released. Let's take a look:

They had me pretty much right up until the floating blimp warships. I'll admit, I haven't actually read the book, but I'm pretty sure Alexander Dumas didn't write about floating blimp warships. Although, it's not as anachronistic as you might think. Dumas lived in the 1800's when dirigibles and blimps actually existed in rudimentary form. Alas the Musketeers is set in 1625, full 50 years before the first vacuum airship was theorized.

Once again the movie seems to suffer from the eternal dilemma of "what accent should we give characters speaking in English who would otherwise be speaking French?" The answer appears to be "whatever accent the actor has", but it's hard to tell.

Finally we have Orlando Bloom. Now, I certainly wouldn't have wanted to do another Pirates of the Caribbean movie myself, but was this really the next best script on your to-read pile? Or can you only get parts that will have you working in a period costume or as an elf?

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