Monday, August 1, 2011

Harry Potter and the Missing Crabbe

I finally saw Harry Potter last weekend. I enjoyed it. Emma Watson was disturbingly attractive when dressed up as Bellatrix LeStrange, in a Catwoman sort of way. Then I realized she's 21 now, which makes it all ok.

The other thing I found disturbing was the Room of Requirement scene. I kept wondering "Why is it Draco, Goyle, and token minority wizard chasing Harry, Hermione, and Ron? What happened to Crabbe or Goyle or whichever the other one was? I can't tell them apart." It seemed an odd thing to change.

Diana filled me in on the answer later. Jamie Waylett, the actor who played Crabbe was arrested on drug charges back in 2009. He faced up to 14 years in jail, but got off with community service. So technically he was available to be in the Deathly Hallows, but the producers weren't too keen on having a convicted drug offender in the cast and fired him.

Crabbe was supposed to be the one who died, not Goyle, but rather than kill off token minority wizard, they killed off Goyle.

Of course, I'm not sure that Goyle's death had any resonance to anyone who hadn't read the books. Then again, did anyone see the movie who hadn't read the books?

What are you breathing in there from that bowl Crabbe? No wonder you look happy.


  1. The "token minority wizard" you speak of was an actual character in Harry Potter, named Blaise Zabini. He was a Slytherin and was talked about mostly in the 6th book. I was shocked that they didn't show Crabbe in the last movie, but I wasn't, however, shocked that they chose Blaise to be in the scene instead. He's the only one I would have put there instead.

  2. im watching it now at my house, and i was wondering where he was... now i know! THANKS!

  3. Blaise Zabini was first seen in The Half Blood Prince, but he was mentioned in the very first book during the sorting. Yes, I'm a HP dork.

    1. Ha wow I need to read the first book again then if he was mentioned...

  4. wasn't Blaise in the ...Half Blood Prince movie on the train when Draco (now a death Eater)was talking, to him and a Slytherin girl, about pitching himself off the observatory tower rather then spending more time at Hogwarts?

  5. I would of put blaise or pansy Parkinson but either way it still was the best movie ever

  6. Blaise was in the first book. I'm a hp dork to

  7. Ohh....I thought they got a different actor. This makes more sense.


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