Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Project Runway 9, Episode 3: Gigantor Walks

Team Challenges
Yes, putting them all in teams is a good way to deal with having a bazzilion designers. More importantly, as Diana points out, it creates villains. Bert came off as the villain, but Victor wasn't exactly a glimmering ray of innocence. He just got the more favorable edit. As Diana also pointed out, addicts never do well in the team challenges. Bert was doomed.

The Castaways
If you're wondering what happens to designers like Joshua C and Rafael after they're aufed, they clearly have to hang around New York, probably in a room full of rejects at the Atlas, so they can be at the first ever outdoor runway show:

Notice Rafael still hasn't taken off his do-rag. I wonder if they only walked 7 designs down the runway or if they ran a decoy dress, and did Rafael and Josh get to design it? Did guest-judge Kim Kardashian like it?

Who Are These People?
I really have no idea who any of these people are as designers. For the first two challenges they had severe restrictions on their materials and for the third they worked in teams to dress a gigantic stilt model. Can we please have a challenge where they make a dress for a normal person out of fabric? I guess not since this week they have to design for Nina.

The Winners
Who won this challenge? A week later, I had to look it up. Oh right. Laura and Anthony Ryan with their Red-Leaf Dress. I liked it all right. None of the designs wowed me. I was to distracted by the models being 15 feet tall. Laura technically gets the win because Anthony Ryan was too nice on the runway, but maybe she deserved it. Or he didn't feel he needs immunity.

The Losers
I'm glad it wasn't Viktor. If he'd gotten aufed, it would have been a crime. Bert threw him into the nuclear reactor core by not fessing up to picking out the fabric. When teams don't get along, I have to ask myself, have these people ever watched the show? The teams that win work together and find away to merge their aesthetics. You never see a team fight like caged stoats and end up on top. Still, it was Fallene who got aufed. I like her, and I don't feel like I got to see her at her best. Yet, she was clearly the odd one out. She completely caved under pressure and let Bryce do all the work. And boy-howdy it was some craptastic work. The only good thing about their Black-Swan tutu was the hairpiece Fallene made. On the one hand, it should have been Bryce. On the other, Fallene was clearly out of her depth. Bryce won't make it more than another few episodes anyway, but Fallene would have been more interesting to keep around.
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