Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project Runway 9, Episode 4: Nina's Way

They finally got to design a normal dress on their own, even if it was for Nina. Honestly, the most enjoyable part of the episode for me was watching my old college class-mate Kerry Washington be a judge. Even if most of her screen time consisted of her nodding while other people talked. She judged once before, during Season 6. You might not have noticed because Season 6 was so bad.

It's All About Nina
And apparently Nina's favorite word is "no". It might have been the editing, or it might have been easier on the designers if Nina had told them what she liked in stead of what she didn't. Still, I found her entirely more palatable in the workroom than Heidi. Heidi should never be allowed in the workroom (and Nina shouldn't be allowed to judge anymore).

Isn't it odd how once upon a time it was a thing of great note when a designer actually made pants, and now we seem to have multiple pairs of pants walk down the runway every episode? Is this because woman's fashion has changed? Did women not wear pants a few years ago? Are they trendy now?

The Winner
If I had been picking the winner, I would have chosen Kimberly too. Her top & pants screamed Nina Garcia. But if there's one thing Nina knows how to do as a judge, it's reward people who make clothing that appeals to her particular taste. So really, every challenge is all about Nina, especially considering Michael and Heidi always bend to her will. I'm assuming she must have good dirt on the both of them.

The Loser
On the one hand, it's hard to argue with aufing Julie. I mean, what the hell was that? Her dreamsicle-rainbow-of-grey coat dress really made no sense at all. Even the sleeves looked different lengths. (And what's with her and Joshua (Joshua's dreamsicle-color-forms dress) both picking fabric almost identical in color to what Nina was wearing that day?)

On the other hand, Cecilia's attitude from day one would make Debbie Downer roll her eyes. Clearly her way of coping and maintaining her self esteem is to not care about anything and have absurdly low expectations. She completely gave up on the challenge from the beginning. Her dress doesn't even deserve a witty nickname, it was so ordinary. Either she needs to get interested in something, anything, or she needs to go.

The Fabric Twins
Which did you like better?

I liked Becky's. As of right now, so does Lifetime's Rate the Runway page.

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