Thursday, September 22, 2011

Project Runsplat

Based on the steady decline in hits my Project Runway posts have been getting this season, I'd say most people agree that this season is about as interesting as actually having to watch someone sew a dress for 8 hours. I keep thinking "why am I still watching?" let alone "why am I still blogging about it?"

I had this same crisis of inspiration at the beginning of last season. Then by about episode 4 last season actually became enjoyable. It was really the first truly good season since the move to Lifetime, and I thought maybe the show was coming back. Except somehow Gretchen won, and everything's gone downhill from there. The contestants aren't likable or interesting. The challenges are ridiculous (I keep expecting them to have to run through some obstacle course in a jungle to get an immunity idol that they can then use to nominate one of the other designers to be voted out of the show by America... in teams of 3). Even Tim Gun seems to be phoning it in. As Diana has pointed out, since he took a corporate day-job and stopped being an actual teacher, his mentoring skills have taken a nose dive. Nina and Michael have gone so far off the deep end that Heidi is actually the voice of reason on the show. That's frightening.

Every show has its decline. This might be it for good old Project Runway. The fact that the All-Stars, which is shooting right now, has none of the same principals (no Heidi, Nina, Michael, or Tim) is telling. Maybe All-Stars will be the end. Let's face it, I'll probably watch it, just to see if its any good.

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